Keep Cyber Criminals away


These days, aggressive security is the only security worth having. Anything less just won’t do. Threats are more pervasive, and cyber criminals are more insidious than ever. Increasingly, what should be your most important company asset information is your greatest liability. Hence, whether you’re at your PC, on the Internet, or using a mobile device, you need a foolproof information security system in place for your IT assets.



Do you know what is happening in your network?

We provide a comprehensive Networking Monitoring solution which gives you access to real-time dashboard reporting. Our solution creates automatic alerts when set thresholds are met and when a network device needs attention. Our Network monitoring solution will give provide you with insights into your network enabling you to make strategic and tactical decisions.


• Multi-vendor Next generation firewall solution which suits multi-layered enterprise data centers security environment
• Modular security services embedded with firewalls to provide granular control including Applications, Users and Devices level security controls
• Virtual and Physical Firewall Appliances to design and deploy Network security Infrastructure in more flexible and effective way
• Offer Data Center Firewall, Enterprise Next Generation Firewall and smaller UTM appliances for distributed enterprise site or small business offices
• Firewalling (multi layered)
• Application layer security
• Multi-factor authentication & remote access
• DLP (frame work & Tool) solution and services
• WAN encryption and WAN optimization solutions
• Network access control and mobile security
• Email, web and content security solutions
• Email Security Solution which provides protection from spam, viruses, and blended threats for different type/size of organizations. It ensures compliance and protects reputation of client companies and also reduces downtime and simplifies administration
• Multi-Site environment design of email security would help the corporate customers to work on active/active datacenter scenarios
• Website Security Solutions which offer inline web traffic scanning and ensures proactive security by using latest anti-malware and content analysis engines
• Solution to protection from Viruses, Trojans, Malware and Worms and other forms of malicious contents without compromising on network performance
• User level authentication control and extensive reporting for the outbound web browsing gives more visibility on the web usage and downloads

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