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Inovace offers a complete range of structured cabling solutions, designed to meet our customers’ technical requirements and budgetary constraints. Right from initial consultancy and design to installation and maintenance of complex data and voice networks we work closely with our customers.

Our design staff consists of highly skilled cabling engineers who undertake both design & installation of cabling systems. We have experience in vertical and horizontal connectivity projects spanning a wide variety of industrial and commercial network cabling applications, as well as expertise in all aspects of network topologies and LAN solutions such as: CAT 6, CAT 6A (10G UTP), Intelligent Patching & Fiber Optic network design. Our design also incorporates important aspects such as cross talk, bandwidth consideration, cable conformance, calculation of transmission error rates.

Inovace has extensive experience in designing and installing standards has led to a large customer base including a wide variety of industries such as healthcare, financial sectors and government organizations.

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